Coaches & Staff

Lee Whitmore

Head Coach/Founder

             Lee began his coaching of gymnastics at the Waterloo YMCA and when a coaching position at West High School opened, he coached the boys program and assisted with the girls from 1970-1981. Also during this time, he had two private tumbling clubs; Wolf Creek Tumbling and Kids Academy.

             The Waterloo Trampoline and Tumbling Center opened in 1990 at the corner of Hawthorne Avenue and La Porte Road.  It was the first private club offering trampoline as well as tumbling in Iowa.  Prior to 1990, the club had been known as the Haymow Tumblers.  It was located in a barn south of Eagle Center and was mainly for family and close friends.

             In 1992, WTTC moved to it's present location at 2405 Hawthorne Ave. and has grown steadily. At present there are 300 youth practicing skills in trampoline and tumbling under the guidance of six coaches.

Waterloo Trampoline and Tumbling Center

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Waterloo Trampoline & Tumbling Center

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