Hi Kids and Parents,
†††††††††††† Here we go again! This is the fifteenth (15) year for the Waterloo T & T Center. We're not even going to count the Wolf Creek Tumblers, Kids Academy and the Haymow Tumblers which we originated from...

†††††††††††† Anyway, I am really looking forward to this year.† One thing most of you probably didn't know is that I have sitting on the table next to the pay envelopes a Top Team in Iowa trophy.† This is the first year it has been given.† At the USTA State Meet, WTTC won 1st in trampoline, 2nd in double mini-tramp and 3rd in the state in tumbling (way to go kids; this is the first time we have placed in the top three teams at state in tumbling). This is decided by taking each club's highest score at each level (beginner, novice, intermediate, etc.) and adding them together---then adding the three different event scores (tu, tr, dm)together. Thanks kids and parents.

†††††††††††† As you start back this week and next, do come back with an attitude that "I can do anything if I understand how to do it." Please do not react to fear and say "I can't." The word can't destroys so many good things. Ask your coaches to explain to you again how to do something---over and over if need be. Once you truly understand something, you can do it and fear will not control your thinking.

See you this week and on Monday next week.

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